How to combat legionella?

How to combat legionella?

Fluid Cooling Systems

Legionella (also known as Legionnaires’ Disease) is caused by the inhalation of little water drops (5 to 10 micron in size) contaminated with the legionella pneumophila bacteria.

The growth of legionella in installations is stimulated by:

  • Temperatures between 25 and 50 °C
  • Stagnant water and dead spots
  • Rust, sediment and other contaminations
  • Presence of biofilm and other microorganisms
  • No or insufficient maintenance

This last factor is often neglected. A regular and suitable maintenance does not only optimize your cooling tower’s operation, but also minimizes the risk of legionella. The few cases in which cooling towers caused a legionella epidemic (frequent sources are jacuzzis and showers), the cooling towers had had limited or no maintenance.

Rely on an experienced and reliable partner

At the beginning of May 2007, the new Flemish legionella regulation took effect. This regulation stipulates that new cooling towers should be built and operated according to the Best Available Techniques. These are described in the European BBT study “Reference Document on the Application of Best Available Techniques to Industrial Cooling Systems”. Suppliers should deliver conformity certificates for maintenance works and components supplied. This certificate confirms that the works and components comply with the BBT study and accordingly also with the new legislation.

Almeco has been working in accordance with this BBT study for a long time. We supply conformity certificates for:

  • Delivery and mounting of new cooling towers

Almeco distributes cooling towers. Our range includes cooling towers for both industrial applications and non-residential buildings. The cooling towers are developed with different circuits (open, closed or hybrid), noise reduction levels, fan types and packing for different applications.

  • Maintenance works

The maintenance of your cooling tower is an important factor when minimizing the risk of legionella. Moreover, a regular maintenance will allow to maintain your cooling tower’s good operation and cooling capacity and consequently, unnecessary quick wear and tear will be avoided. Even though the new legionella regulation orders an annual maintenance for city water operated cooling towers, it is of course advisable to do the same for surface water operated cooling towers. This will extend your cooling tower’s life span. It is advisable for this maintenance to be carried out by specialized technicians.

  • Delivery and mounting of components

Almeco combines years of experience in cooling tower maintenance with an extensive range of high quality spare parts (packing, drop eliminators, fans, …). It is important to use components compatible to the cooling tower and the cooling process. These do not necessarily need to be original components from the cooling tower manufacturer. The high quality spare parts used by Almeco also comply with the legislation. They are as – and sometimes even more – performing than original spare parts and they often have more interesting prices.