Cable, wire & extrusion

Almeco, IF, roof fan, VRR

Catalogue VRR

  • Centrifugal roof fan
  • Horizontal outlet
  • Standard construction in plastic (PU, PP, PVC)
roof fans, Almeco, IF

Catalogue SVK2-SVV2-SVH2

  • Centrifugal roof fan
  • Vertical outlet
  • Standard construction in aluminum

Reciprocating nozzles

Where products may demand a more vigorous air movement action, and particularly where products might be vul­nerable to contact or surface damage, reciprocating nozzles are an ideal solution for surface drying operations.

Cooling tower packing - FIL RC

Cooling tower packing - ABN

Cooling tower packing - FILOSS19

Cooling tower packing - FIL

Air inlet louvers - H65

Drift separators - R50