Data sheet Can Drying Tunnel, ACI, Almeco

Can Drying Tunnel - Data sheet

Available in both single and multi-lane configurations, the tunnel-based can drying system features specially configured slots that direct air to remove water efficiently whilst driving it downwards and out of the enclosed area.

Data sheet JetPlates, Almeco, ACI

JetPlates - Data sheet

Derived from air knife technology, JetPlates have been purposely designed to improve the efficiency of drying systems whilst also simplify installation and on-site maintenance.

Data sheet Air Knives Static Neutralisation, ACI, Almeco

Air Knives Static Neutralisation - Data sheet

Blower-powered ionised air knives produce fast-moving ionised air which has the effect of neutralising static electric­ity and remove contaminants.

Modular stainless steel airknives, data sheet, Almeco

Modular stainless steel airknives - Data sheet

Our modular airknives are fabricated from Stainless Steel 314, and are fitted with plastic moulded end plates and inlets.

Data sheet of aluminium air knives, Almeco

Aluminium air knives - Data sheet

A fabricated construction, these airknives can be adapted to suit individual customer needs.

Data sheet of stainless steel air knives, Almeco

Stainless steel air knives - Data sheet

These air knives are fabricated from Stainless Steel – a material that is perfectly suited for harsh or corrosive environments, in particular the food industry where cleanliness is of paramount importance.

Product file for air knives, Almeco

Air knives - Product file

If you are removing moisture, swarf or static charge from conveyed materials, or looking to evenly distribute coatings onto a product, airknife systems are the total solution.

Data sheet of RM ‘Remote Blower’ drying system, Almeco

RM ‘Remote Blower’ drying system - Data sheet

Without compromising reliability or performance, the ‘RM’ Remote Blower system is designed to offer a ‘bare bones’ drying solution that does not compromise drying performance efficiency.

Data sheet of EL ‘Eye Level’ drying system, Almeco

EL ‘Eye Level’ drying system - Data Sheet

Semi-enclosed unit where the supplied blower is contained within a stainless steel enclosure.

Data sheet of Mini LNL drying system, Almeco

Mini LNL drying system - Data sheet

The ‘MINI LNL’ system is a compact totally enclosed system where both centrifugal blower and the air delivery device(s) are completely contained within a robust stainless steel enclosure.