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If you are removing moisture, swarf or static charge from conveyed materials, or looking to evenly distribute coatings onto a product, airknife systems are the total solution.

Nozzles are used for applications where a more powerful airstream or a bigger drying distance is needed.

static airknives

Blower-powered Ionised Air Knives produce fast-moving ionised air which has the effect of neutralising static electric­ity and remove contaminants.


Derived from airknife technology, JetPlates have been purposely designed to improve the efficiency of drying systems whilst also simplify installation and on-site maintenance.

cap dryer

The Cap Dryer is a nozzle manifold specifically designed to target and remove water from the crown cap area of glass bottles to prevent and reduce the possibility of corrosion and contamination.


Available in both single and multi-lane configurations, the tunnel-based can drying system features specially configured slots that direct air to remove water efficiently whilst driving it downwards and out of the enclosed area.


 The Neck Dryer is specifically intended for the drying of wine bottle necks so that labels will adhere effectively.


Until now, the removal of the residual moisture film from water-cooled insulated wire/cable and extruded products has been difficult to achieve effectively and consistently.

compact blower, Almeco

EP10A compact blowers, multistage centrifugal blowers, CB15, FPZ side channel blowers and high-pressure fans.

acoustic enclosures

We offer a range of enclosure options that is normally dictated by customer requirements such as noise restrictions, spray containment requirements, and the space availability on the filling line.


Framework enclosures, pedestrals and starter boxes, flexible hose and tensioning rings, modular ducting systems and clamping rings for airknives