JetBlack blow-off cleaning stations

The JetBlack cleaning station is an easy-to-use alternative to compressed air that offers organizations peace of mind and users a completely safe solution for personnel de-dusting and blow-down operations.

Compressed air has the potential to be very dangerous, even fatal if misused, particularly if it comes into direct contact with bare skin. Installing a JetBlack Personnel Cleaning Station allows all employees to safely ‘clean-down’ without putting themselves into any danger.


Why is the JetBlack a better alternative to compressed air?

  • Safer
    The JetBlack produces high volume, low pressure air (173 mBar) which poses no threat to personal safety
  • Cost effective
    Blower powered air produced by the JetBlack costs up to 90% less than the equivalent compressed air generation
  • Low noise emissions
    The JetBlack is typically quieter than most compressed air nozzle arrangements

The JetBlack is a simple, yet very effective tool, suitable for any manufacturing or production facility where employees need to quickly clean themselves down.

The portable version of the JetBlack is designed primarily for component or work area cleaning applications.


It is not a good idea to use compressed air to remove dust from clothing, components...