Custom made cooling towers - type AIS

Almeco also supplies and installs open counterflow cooling towers to specifications and to size.

An example: open counterflow cooling tower in stainless steel

The customer requires the replacement of a worn cooling tower. The new cooling tower must fit the existing concrete water collector so the water collector can be retained as can the pumps and pressure lines.

Required by the customer:

  • Open counterflow cooling tower made of rustproof materials (stainless steel 304 or synthetic required for all materials in contact with water)
  • Extremely quiet design
  • Simple to maintain
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Tours de refroidissement sur mesure

For this application a cooling tower is calculated which fully complies with the thermal performance and dimensions specified, while being in full compliance with the applicable Legionella’s disease regulations.

To comply with the noise requirements use is made of permanent-magnet motors for the direct drive of extremely quiet fans at 210 rpm, each motor being provided with a frequency controller for low-energy operation.

A noise-damping mat is provided on the surface of the water in the water collector to dampen the noise of the falling water.

No other noise-dampers are used.

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