Maintenance, repairs and upgrading

Almeco carries out inspections, maintenance and repairs on all makes and types of cooling towers.

Scheduled maintenance is a necessity to keep operating reliability optimal.

If repairs are required, these are best carried out by experienced people.

If the upgrading of your cooling tower appears necessary, you can best call in the assistance of people who keep an overview of all components of your cooling tower, and make the necessary calculations beforehand of what you can expect after upgrading.

Cooling towers play an important part in many industrial processes. If these cooling towers no longer maintain their cooling capacity, this obviously has far-reaching consequences for your production process. A reduction of the cooling capacity often has the same cause: a soiled cooling tower.

If repairs to your cooling tower or cooling tower parts are required, Almeco is your ideal partner for carrying out these repairs. Almeco has much experience in the repair or replacement of all your cooling tower parts, and for repairs to the structure of wooden, metal and concrete cooling towers.

If your cooling tower no longer suffices with regard to the legal standards or the current cooling demand of your production, it can be looked to see if upgrading your cooling tower is possible to suffice with regard to the standards and cooling performance of today and tomorrow. Almeco uses high-efficiency parts and modern techniques to do this.


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