What is ISO 9001?

What is ISO 9001?

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Last year, Almeco took the strategic decision to improve our quality management system. Successfully, because we obtained the ISO 9001 certificate! But what does such a certificate actually mean?

ISO 9001 is an international standard for quality management within companies and organisations in order to better coordinate international standards. They examine how companies apply a number of important principles: customer orientation, leadership, involvement, process approach, improvement, decision-making and relationship management. Once these principles meet certain conditions in your company, you will receive a certificate.

The quality management system of ISO 9001 is mainly based on two pillars: PDCA cycle and risk-based thinking. Using the PDCA cycle (plan-do-check-act), you ensure that projects are properly financed and managed, and all opportunities for improvement are addressed. Risk-based thinking helps to prevent deviations from the planned results by determining in advance the factors that could cause this (e.g. by means of preventive checks). It may sound simple, but it is not so obvious in today's society which is becoming more dynamic and complex.

ISO 9001 Almeco

The quality management system helps to improve overall performance and also provides a stable basis for sustainable development initiatives within companies. The following benefits result from this:

  • Provided products and services meet customer requirements as well as the corresponding legal requirements.
  • It can help increase your customer satisfaction
  • Have a concrete and consistent approach to opportunities and risks 
  • With the certificate you can prove that your company meets the international standard


A good quality management system is therefore crucial within Almeco. Such a company philosophy ensures that all colleagues cooperate and that everyone knows their responsibilities. This way we can ensure that our products and services not only meet all customer requirements, but also all applicable European directives and regulations. Safety and quality are central to our company and we strive to provide all our products and services to our customers without fault. This way, our products can be used with confidence and our services can relieve our customers so that they can focus on their core activities. We continue to question and evaluate ourselves in order to avoid incidents and defects and to continue to improve our quality management system. 

We achieved this certificate thanks to the work and dedication of all our colleagues and we would like to thank our team!