LINE Dry, Cable & Wire Dryer, Manual, Almeco

Cable & wire dryer - Manual

Manual of industrial dryer for the removal of the residual moisture film from water-cooled insulated wire/cable and extruded products

Danger Dan JetBlack

Infographic dangers of compressed air

Read all about the dangers of blowing off with compressed air and the safe alternatives we offer in this infographic.

Drying unit for cheese wheels, Ronair

Drying unit for unpacked food - Cheese wheels

Ronair drying solution for unpacked food

    FPZ side channel blowers, Almeco

    Side channel blowers

    Brochure for the product FPZ side channel blowers

    Adiabatic closed cooler type AIR A

    Adiabatic closed cooler type AIR A

    An adiabatic cooler is a fluid cooler. During the greatest part of the year, it is possible to dissipate heat just by making use of the ambient air. Once the temperature of the ambient air is too high, the unit will automatically switch to wet mode and make additional use of the cooling effect of evaporating water.

    Ronair drying unit for ready meals

    Drying unit for food packaging - Ready meals

    Ronair drying solution for ready meals

    Ronair drying unit for vacuum-packed sausages

    Drying unit for vacuum packaging - Sausages #2

    Ronair drying solution for vacuum-packed sausages

    Ronair, drying unit, pet food

    Drying unit for doypacks - Pet food

    Ronair drying solution for doypacks containing pet food

    Almeco, IF, axial fan, catalogue ADR

    Catalogue ADR

    • Belt driven axial fan with long casing
    • Especially used for special applications such as in high temperature or high humidity environments
    Ronair, Drying Unit, Food packaging, Pâté

    Drying unit for food packaging - Pâté

    Data sheet of drying solution for plastic containers of pâté