Fluid Cooling Systems

Almeco is supplier of cooling towers and carries out maintenance on all cooling tower brands and types. In addition, we dispose of an extensive range of high quality spare parts. You can also contact us for water treatment and adiabatic cooling.

cooling tower

Almeco presents itself as your potential supplier for the delivery or delivery and replacement of all parts of your cooling tower, and this for all types and makes. This is for both counterflow and crossflow cooling towers.


Almeco is supplier of open, closed or adiabatic cooling towers. Our range includes cooling towers for both industrial applications and non-residential buildings.

cooling tower maintenance

Almeco carries out inspections, maintenance and repairs on all makes and types of cooling towers. Scheduled maintenance is a necessity to keep operating reliability optimal.

koeltoren waterbehandeling

Both water treatment installation and control system of the fans are an integral part to ensure that cooling towers maintain their efficiency and reliability.


repair, mechanical drive, cooling tower

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nieuwe koeltoren voor industrietoepassing

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bestrijden van legionella

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working of a cooling tower

A cooling tower is a heat exchanger, inside of which heat is withdrawn from the water...

adiabatisch koeltoren

An adiabatic cooler is a liquid cooler. The heat to be removed is discharged dry...