Industrial Fans

In order to guarantee you the most suitable solution for your project, Almeco relies on an extensive range of fans and blowers: from small axial and centrifugal fans for standard applications to large tailor-made fans for applications in the most demanding environments.


Our range includes different types: axial and centrifugal fans, axial impellers, roof fans and smoke & heat extract fans.


Our range of blowers includes different types: FPZ side channel blowers, EP10A compact blowers, very high pressure fan TSQZ and multistage centrifugal blowers.

custom-built fans, Almeco

Fans that are used in modern industrial processes often have to meet specific performance, reliability and safety requirements. Standard configurations do not always meet these conditions.

service for industrial fans

Our activities regarding industrial fans and blowers are not limited to production, selection and sales. The follow-up after installation of your fans is important to assure a permanent optimal operation and to avoid unnecessary interruptions of your production processes.


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fans potato

The potato processing industry gets a taste of our bifurcated fans.


good fan functioning

Look at these important points when the fan is at a standstill.

Fan maintenance by Almeco

Fans in operation. A problem with a fan or an unforeseen shutdown can lead to severe...