Roof fan for extracting industrial gases

Ensuring air quality in a hydrogen generator

In 2011, Almeco received a request from an industrial gas supplier in Arnhem, the Netherlands. HyGear needed a roof fan with vertical air outlet. The fan was to be used for the air extraction from a hydrogen generation system that is built in a container.

At the heart of the Hy.GENĀ® hydrogen generator, natural gas is converted into hydrogen. Heat is released during this process. The frequency-controlled ventilation ensures the removal of residual heat. With the aid of our ADD fan, the degree of ventilation and temperature within the generator can be precisely controlled in order to monitor air quality.

Seven years later, we have already delivered more than 40 ADD fans and orders continue to arrive. Ongoing collaboration gives us the opportunity to continue learning and make improvements as the customer gets the best possible product.


Our fans are manufactured according to ATEX directives. This is necessary because these models are used for gas extraction in Zone 2.

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Almeco, Industrial Fans, Roof fan for extracting industrial gases

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Almeco, Industrial Fans, Roof fan for extracting industrial gases, HyGear