Cooling towers

Almeco is supplier of open, closed or adiabatic cooling towers. Our range includes cooling towers for both industrial applications and non-residential buildings. Starting with a product that guarantees high operating reliability, energy-saving operation, a long life and user-friendly maintenance, there is the constant search for adaptations that contribute to ensuring a better living environment.

The standard range consists of cooling towers in stainless steel and synthetic material (glass fibre reinforced), with axial suction fan or with centrifugal fan.

Do not hesitate to contact us for tailor-made cooling towers and appliances.

Adiabatic cooling towers, Almeco

An adiabatic cooler is a fluid cooler. During the greatest part of the year, it is possible to dissipate heat just by making use of the ambient air. Once the temperature of the ambient air is too high, the unit will automatically switch to wet mode and make additional use of the cooling effect of evaporating water.

Open circuit cooling tower, Almeco

An open cooling tower is a heat exchanger that cools the water through direct contact with the air. The heat transfer happens partially through the heat exchange between air and water, but mainly through the evaporation of part of the water that needs to be cooled. This will allow to cool down to a temperature lower than the ambient temperature.

Closed circuit cooling towers, Almeco

Closed cooling towers are suitable for applications where the water or liquid to be cooled may not come into contact with air (for example because of possible contamination of the liquid to be cooled).


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