Open circuit cooling towers

An open cooling tower is a heat exchanger that cools the water through direct contact with the air. The heat transfer happens partially through the heat exchange between air and water, but mainly through the evaporation of part of the water that needs to be cooled. This will allow to cool down to a temperature lower than the ambient temperature.

cooling tower AIR

Open counterflow cooling tower in fiberglass reinforced polyester with axial suction fan.

Open cooling tower type CFR, Almeco

Open counterflow cooling tower made of glass-fibre reinforced polyester with centrifugal forced draught fan.

Large cooling towers on demand, AIG-R, Almeco

Large open counterflow cooling tower in fiberglass reinforced polyester. Available on demand.


Almeco, cooling tower at Gramybel

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new coolingtower

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cooling tower waste water

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Cooling towers circuit

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