Cooling tower for waste water application

We have supplied a cooling tower for a chemicals company site in Westerlo-Oevel. The company manufactures products including polymers, with divisions across the whole world.

This cooling tower was to replace an old BAC cooling tower. The customer asked for a low-maintenance and quiet cooling tower suitable for cooling waste water from their water purification installation.

  • Because of the composition of the water to be cooled, all parts of the cooling tower had to be made of rustproof materials.
  • A number of work openings were provided to give easy access to all components in the cooling tower to be able to carry out inspection and cleaning work quickly and safely.
  • Water distribution takes place with special sprayers to avoid blockages.
  • The cooling packing is the ABN type  which continues to guarantee the required cooling, even with dirty leaves.
  • The cooling tower has an extremely quiet fan.
  • The cage ladder with platform was manufactured to size on-site to fit the existing platforms.

Thermal performance

Cooling capacity 3460kW
Water flow rate 85m³/h
Incoming water temperature 65°C
Outgoing water temperature 30°C
Wet bulb temperature of the inlet air 21°C


Description of the cooling tower

Walls and roof GFRP (Glass-fibre reinforced polyester)
Supporting construction Stainless steel AISI 316 en GFRP sections
Motor bracket (load-bearing construction) RVS AISI 316
- Blades
- Hub

Droplet separators PP
Water distribution system PVC
Inlet flange type / number per cell DN200 PN10 - PVC / qty. 1
Outlet flange type / number per cell DN250 PN10 - PVC / qty. 1
Inspection manhole / number per cell GFRP / qty. 1 W x H = 415 x 510mm
Manhole for maintenance / number per cell GFRP / qty. 2 W x H = 800 x 1200mm
Cooling tower packing ABN AF 100 - PP
Air intake louvers PP
Water reservoir Volume max. 6,5m³ - GFRP
Cage ladder FRP
Bolts RVS A4



Installed power 1 x 15kW
Electrical connection 3f / 400V / 50Hz
Number of speeds 1
Construction type IM V1 / IP 56 insulation class F
Provided for operation with frequency control Yes



Number of fans 1
Type of fan Axial
Diameter of fan 1980m
Impeller speed 474tpm
Protective grille above the fan According to legal regulations


Dimensions with water reservoir

Length 3023mm
Width 3023mm
Height 5509mm
cooling tower waste water