Cooling tower components

Almeco presents itself as your potential supplier for the delivery or delivery and replacement of all parts of your cooling tower, and this for all types and brands. This is for both counterflow and crossflow cooling towers.

We select the correct parts for each application together with the cooling tower user.

Cooling tower components, Almeco
Cooling tower packing, Almeco

Cooling tower packing is one of the most important parts of a cooling tower. The packing ensures maximum contact between air and water to enable cooling.

Drift separators, Almeco

Drift separators have the purpose of preventing droplets or smaller aerosols from being taken by the air flow from the cooling tower.

Gear cooling tower, Almeco

All parts of a cooling tower are important, but it is certainly important to exercise the necessary care of the drive gear of your cooling tower, these being the turning parts of a cooling tower.

Water distribution for cooling tower, Almeco

Engineering, production and installation of open and closed water distribution systems for your cooling tower, including the appropriate nozzles.

Air inlet louvers, Almeco

Air intake louvers prevent water splashes from the water collection tank and prevent larger debris from arriving in the water tank.

Cooling tower components, Almeco

Protective grille, frost protection and thermostats, level probes, dry running protection, noise absorbing mat for falling water, noise dampers, access hatches, complete control cabinet for your cooling tower with or without frequency controller, water treatment installations...


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