Gear and fans

All parts of a cooling tower are important, but it is certainly important to exercise the necessary care of the drive gear of your cooling tower, these being the turning parts of a cooling tower.

The selection of the fans and the motors is certainly important here, because of both the efficiency of the cooling tower and its noise production.

Almeco supplies and installs the appropriate drive gear for your cooling towers.

  • Also for ATEX applications
  • Directly driven drive gear for axial fans
    • The axial fan is directly fitted the shaft of the motor
      • With multi-pole motors
      • With RPM-AC motors - permanent magnet motors
  • Indirect drive gear for axial fans
    • Motor – reduction gearing - fan
    • Motor – shaft – gearbox – fan
  • Indirect drive gear for centrifugal fans
    • Belt-driven
Fans for cooling tower, Almeco

Almeco supplies and/or installs fans for all types of cooling towers. This is for both counterflow and crossflow cooling towers. Both suction and blowing fans. Both axial and centrifugal fans. Also for ATEX applications.

fan stack

Fan stacks also known as fan flues. Almeco supplies or installs UV-resistant glass fibre-reinforced fan stacks for your cooling towers.

motor rpm-ac

Motor with rotor with permanent magnets (RPM), designed specifically for cooling towers and dry coolers.


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