• Developed by Baldor (largest motor manufacturer in the United States)
  • Motor with rotor with permanent magnets (RPM)
  • Designed specifically for cooling towers and dry coolers
  • Direct drive of axial fans: replaces traditional belt or mechanical drives
  • Laminated frame
  • Exceeds efficiency class IE3, especially at low speeds
  • Also available in ATEX category II 3 zone 2 version


  • Energy saving - high efficiency¬†(even at low speeds)
  • Retrofit can be accomplished in less than 6 hours: the motor is designed to drop directly into existing gearbox mounting patterns
  • Longer life expectancy thanks to limited temperature increase in the motor
  • Maintenance limited to annual greasing of bearings
  • No reductor required
  • More compact than traditional induction motors
Moteur RPM-AC