Cooling tower for cooling and aeration of wastewater flow

Gramybel, part of the Mydibel Group, was looking for a new cooling tower for a wastewater application. The Mydibel Group is a potato processing family business located in Mouscron.


As a large potato processor, Gramybel has a constant flow of wastewater. They cannot discharge the water without meeting certain conditions. The corrosive character of wastewater can affect the concrete in the sewers.

Gramybel's wastewater flow contained hydrogen sulphide (H₂S). By aerating and cooling the wastewater using a cooling tower, the hydrogen sulphide oxidizes to SO₄⁻²-sulphate. Sulphates are much less corrosive than sulphides and therefore less harmful.

Gramybel decided to use an open counterflow cooling tower type Almeco AIR. The cooling tower made of fibreglass reinforced polyester is made in accordance with the applicable Legionella legislation. Thanks to a large access hatch, inspection and maintenance can be carried out safely and quickly.

Almeco, cooling tower with ladder and platform

Thermal performance

Cooling capacity1.570kW
Water flow rate135 m³/h
Incoming water temperature40°C
Outgoing water temperature30°C
Wet bulb temperature21°C



TypeAIR 2330-7.5-15PV
FanAxial suction
Motor power7.5kW
Material cooling towerFRP - Fibreglass reinforced polyester
Material motor bracketStainless Steel 304
Material protective grilleStainless Steel 304



  • Cleanable cooling package for the cooling of loaded water
  • Ladder and platform to fan
  • Large access hatch (900 x 770 mm) for easy inspection and cleaning


Do you need a cooling tower for the cooling and aeration of water? Or is your current cooling tower in need of replacement? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

Almeco, cooling tower at Gramybel
Almeco, cooling tower at Gramybel
Almeco, cooling tower at Gramybel