Data sheet for ATEX fans, Almeco

ATEX fans - Data sheet

Almeco NV manufactures industrial fans in accordance with the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU for explosive environments

Axon Group - Brochure

Discover the operation of AXON group and its various Business Units in this clear brochure.

Catalogue FPZ-GOR_GVR, Almeco

FPZ-GOR_GVR - Catalogue

IE2 blowers by FPZ operation with an external motor

Catalogue for AVK fans, Almeco

AVK fans - Catalogue

Consult the catalogue for our axial fans with short casing and inlet bell (AVK).

Catalogue for FPZ-MOR, Almeco

FPZ-MOR - Catalogue

IE2 blowers by FPZ with Wide Voltage Range motor

EC Regulation N° 640-2009 electric motors, Almeco

EC Regulation N° 640-2009 electric motors

EC Regulation N° 640-2009 electric motors

EC Regulation N° 327-2011, Almeco

EC Regulation N° 327-2011

EC Regulation N° 327-2011

Catalogue for ADK fans, Almeco

ADK fans - Catalogue

Catalogue for our short cased axial fans (ADK)
All fans are compliant with the efficiency requirements for fans and electric motors that will be in effect from January 2017 on. This catalogue shows the standard fans that are currently available in short lead times. Other executions or capacities can be discussed with our technical sales staff.

Fan impellers & casings, Almeco

Fan impellers & casings - Catalogue

Catalogue of Almeco fan impellers & casings

Catalogue for VRR fans, Almeco

VRR fans - Catalogue

  • Centrifugal roof fan
  • Horizontal outlet
  • Standard construction in plastic (PU, PP, PVC)