Data sheet for open cooling tower type AIR, Almeco

Open cooling tower type AIR - Data sheet

The Almeco AIR type is an open counterflow cooling tower with an axial suction fan. This cooling tower can be used for all applications where the water to be cooled may come into contact with air.

Stainless steel fans, Almeco

Stainless steel fans - Brochure

Almeco produces most of the fans in its range also in stainless steel. This type of industrial fan allows many applications for which a standard steel fan would not be suitable.

For specific projects, it is always possible to manufacture custom-made fans according to the customer’s needs.

FPZ side channel blowers, Almeco

Side channel blowers - Brochure

Brochure for the product FPZ side channel blowers

Data sheet for adiabatic closed cooler type AIR A, Almeco

Adiabatic closed cooler type AIR A - Data sheet

An adiabatic cooler is a fluid cooler. During the greatest part of the year, it is possible to dissipate heat just by making use of the ambient air. Once the temperature of the ambient air is too high, the unit will automatically switch to wet mode and make additional use of the cooling effect of evaporating water.

Catalogue for ADR fans, Almeco

ADR fans - Catalogue

  • Belt driven axial fan with long casing
  • Mostly used for special applications such as in high temperature or high humidity environments
Catalogue for ADD fans, Almeco

ADD fans - Catalogue

  • Direct driven axial fan with long casing and welded mounting plate
  • Especially for roof applications with all the needed accessories (rain cap, protection grid etc.)
panel fans

Panel fans - Catalogue

Direct driven wall-mounted fan with plastic mounting plate.

Catalogue for VRE fans, Almeco

VRE fans - Catalogue

Catalogue for centrifugal fans: VRE - Direct Driven

Brochure of Axial Fans, Almeco

Axial Fans - Brochure

Brochure for the product Axial Fans

Data sheet of aluminium centrifugal fan, AMR26, Almeco

AMR26 - Data sheet

Check out our custom made aluminium centrifugal fan!