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centrifugal fans

Centrifugal Fans - Brochure

Brochure for the product Centrifugal Fans

Manual for EP10A compact blower, Almeco

EP10A compact blower - Manual

Powerful and robust, the EP10A compact blowers incorporate a backward curved turbine bladed impeller.

Stainless steel fans, Almeco

Stainless steel fans - Brochure

Almeco produces most of the fans in its range also in stainless steel. This type of industrial fan allows many applications for which a standard steel fan would not be suitable.

For specific projects, it is always possible to manufacture custom-made fans according to the customer’s needs.

FPZ side channel blowers, Almeco

Side channel blowers - Brochure

Brochure for the product FPZ side channel blowers

Catalogue for ADR fans, Almeco

ADR fans - Catalogue

  • Belt driven axial fan with long casing
  • Mostly used for special applications such as in high temperature or high humidity environments
Catalogue for ADD fans, Almeco

ADD fans - Catalogue

  • Direct driven axial fan with long casing and welded mounting plate
  • Especially for roof applications with all the needed accessories (rain cap, protection grid etc.)
panel fans

Panel fans - Catalogue

Direct driven wall-mounted fan with plastic mounting plate.

Catalogue for VRE fans, Almeco

VRE fans - Catalogue

Catalogue for centrifugal fans: VRE - Direct Driven

Brochure of Axial Fans, Almeco

Axial Fans - Brochure

Brochure for the product Axial Fans

Data sheet of aluminium centrifugal fan, AMR26, Almeco

AMR26 - Data sheet

Check out our custom made aluminium centrifugal fan!


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