Maintenance on centrifugal fan

Our client, active in the petrochemical sector in the port of Antwerp, decided after ten years of using his centrifugal fan 136CVX1120 that it was time for an inspection and (preventive) maintenance.


Almeco completely overhauled the fan in our own workshop. In a first phase the engine was inspected. The shaft seals and bearings were replaced. The motor was also measured electrically. 
The fan is driven directly via a clutch. The drive was fully checked. The clutch, bearing blocks and seals at the shaft passage were removed from the shaft, which was visually inspected and measured. The shaft still appeared to be in good condition and therefore did not need to be replaced.
After cleaning the inside of the fan housing, the impeller was still in good condition. There was a slight corrosion, but not to such an extent that an unbalance can be expected on the impeller. The seals at the shaft entry were replaced and new bearing blocks were installed as a preventive measure. Only the rubber tire of the coupling was replaced, the rest was still in good condition.
After completely reassembling the fan and aligning the shafts, we could start testing the fan. An extensive vibration analysis was carried out with our own measuring device. Over the entire speed range, the vibration values remained nicely within the norm. So the fan could be approved and could return to the customer.

Maintenance on centrifugal fan
Maintenance on centrifugal fan


Diameter1300 mm
Power132 kW
Maximum temperature250 °C
Special featurecoupling driven with thermal/sound isolation



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Maintenance on centrifugal fan
Maintenance on centrifugal fan