Framework enclosures

There are stainless steel structures that serve as a complete containment area for airknife systems. Custom built, they are turnkey solutions that enable customers to install an airkife system into a restricted space and small foot-prints. Modifications to existing conveyor lines are kept to an absolute minimum as these structures can be simply installed as they straddle the conveyor line.

  • Maintenance accessibility - all of the airkife system components are housed within the framework, making maintenance and running adjustments easy
  • The enclosure can be designed to serve as an acoustic enclosure for the system blower as well as a containment area for any water spray
  • Drip trays and guttering are further options
  • These systems need not be fixed and can be easily re-sited if required
Framework enclosures, accessories, Almeco

Pedestals and starter boxes

We can also offer custom built pedestal configurations for systems. If required these can be supplied with electrical starter boxes.

  • Adjustable feet / legs on pedestals allow units to be set in the required level position. Blowers can be attached to pedestals using anti vibrationmachinery mounts
  • An air inlet aperture forces air to travel over the motor for cooling purposes
  • Starter boxes can be supplied to exact order requirements
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Flexible hose (Flexflyte Super) & tensioning rings

This is a lightweight, highly flexible hose made from a 2 ply wall of thermoplastic rubber reinforced with axial and helical yarns and supported by a thermoplastic coated spring steel helix. It has good oil and chemical resistance, and excellent weathering and ageing properties. This results in a product ideal for air handling in harsh environments, fume removal and air conveyance.

Flexible hoses, accessories, Almeco

Modular ducting system

This is available in both stainless steel or galvanised mild steel. This uses a flange and clamp arrangement for connection of mating sections. This method of duct­ing allows for ease of installation and readjustment without having to cut, rivet and seal joints. Available in diameters of 75mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm, it is easy to install and maintain.

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Clamping rings for airknives

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