Acoustic enclosures

We offer a range of enclosure options that is normally dictated by customer requirements such as noise restrictions, spray containment requirements, and the space availability on the filling line.

dri-line bottle and can dryer

The LNL system is a premium bottle and can drying solution. It is a totally enclosed system where both centrifugal blower and the air delivery device(s) are completely contained within a robust stainless steel enclosure.

Dri-line droger van flessen en blikken

The EL drying system is a semi-enclosed unit where the supplied blower is contained within a stainless steel enclosure. Additional protection to the blower is given by mounting the enclosure to a leg kit that can be easily positioned either to the side or directly above the conveyor/ filling line.

remote blower

Without compromising reliability or performance, the RM system is designed to offer a ‘bare bones’ drying solution that does not compromise drying performance efficiency.

Craft Brewery drying system for bottles and cans

The CB 'Craft Brewery' Drying Systems are specifically designed to surface dry glass bottles and aluminium cans within craft and microbrewery operations.

acoustic enclosure for dryer

In order to attenuate noise, we offer a range of acoustic enclosures. Modular in design and construction, these are fabricated from powder coated mild steel or stainless steel panels which are lined with sound absorption acoustic foam - VAL.