Air Knives Static Neutralisation

Blower-powered Ionised Air Knives produce fast-moving ionised air which has the effect of neutralising static electric­ity and remove contaminants. They can be used to clean plastic parts, mouldings, glass automobiles and other large objects - removing the dust and eliminating the static electricity to prevent re-attraction.

  • Powerful ionisation kills the static charge holding the dust, allowing the fast beam of laminar air to remove it for a thorough cleaning.
  • The laminar airflow limits the recombination of ions in the air and so maximises the static neutralization performance.
  • Available in a wide range of lengths, all are simple to install and regulate.
  • ‘EX’ bars available for applications in hazardous environments.

Benefits and advantages

A system typically consists of one or more ionised air knives connected to an external centrifugal blower. The blower produces a high volume of air which exits from the Air Knife in a fast laminar flow.

  • Cost saving of up to 70% compared to other systems.
  • Static neutralisation power - up to 50% better than competitive systems - to break the electrostatic bond between the dust and surface and to prevent re-attraction of dust.
  • Air cleaning speed of 110m/sec at the slot of the Air Knife for thorough and powerful cleaning.
  • Longer range cleaning power than compressed air systems.
  • More performance per kilowatt of power. For example, competitors offer 7.5kW motors to match the performance of our 5,5kW motors - saving the customer money every minute of operation.
Ionised air knives
Ionised air knives