Modular stainless steel air knives

Our modular air knives are fabricated from Stainless Steel 314, and are fitted with plastic moulded end plates and inlets. This means that they have all the characteristics suited for harsh and corrosive environments, in particular the food industry, but they are not fully welded.

The main reasons for introducing this ‘new’ range of air knives are based on the following advantages.

     1.   Speed of manufacture

Lead times for our fully welded Stainless Steel air knives takes typically between 3 and 4 weeks, while Modular air knives can be built in a matter of hours if necessary. This is achieved by keeping lengths of stainless steel plenum materials (up to 2 metres) in stock as well as having invested in suitable tooling to produce the end and centre inlets etc. Because no welding is required to produce the finished product, Modular Air Knives can be assembled and dispatched almost the day the order is received.

     2.   Ease of cleaning

All materials utilised within the Modular air knives are food grade quality, and as a result are very easy to keep clean. They have the additional benefit of being easily stripped down if necessary, which allows full access even to the plenum chamber of the air knife. (A full specification of the plastic moulding used can be sent on request).

     3.   Cost to manufacture

These Stainless Steel Modular air knives represent great value for money having all the qualities and durability of fully welded air knives, but are approximately 60% lower in cost.

Options & Features

  • Air knife plenum material - Stainless Steel 304 S11 1-4307 BSI449. Fittings to the same specification.
  • Stocked lengths available – 600mm, 1200mm and 2000mm maximum. However customised lengths up to 2000mm can also be quickly supplied.
  • Inlets – both end and centre options available
  • Mounting – stud or blank spigot options
  • Fully adjustable slot width
  • Plastic moulding – FDA approved