Can Drying Tunnel

Available in both single and multi-lane configurations, the tunnel-based can drying system features specially configured slots that direct air to remove water efficiently whilst driving it downwards and out of the enclosed area.

Operating in an enclosed chamber ensures the drying blower-delivered air operates more efficiently than with conventional ‘open’ systems.

In addition, the enclosed environment ensures the water is contained and not dispersed into the working environment. Noise attentuation is another benefit of the enclosed design.

Benefits include

  • All water spray contained and noise reduced
  • Simple & quick to install
  • Simple single operator adjustment for different can heights
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Permits height adjustments to process different can heights
  • Water dispersed by innovative ‘Y’ shaped slot design
  • Design produces less turbulence, lower noise than conventional
  • Air Knife solutions - use low pressure air (20-30mBar)
  • Can be applied to single or multi lane conveyor lines
ACI Can Drying Tunnel, Almeco