Reciprocating nozzles

Where products may demand a more vigorous air movement action, and particularly where products might be vul­nerable to contact or surface damage, our Reciprocating Air Nozzle Systems are an ideal solution for surface drying operations.

Reciprocators employ a bank(s) of flexible nozzles that move back and forth across the conveyor whilst delivering high volumes of air at low pressure. This simple reciprocating action combined with a powerful airflow is capable of dislodging moisture and debris trapped in the most awkward of places, even blind holes.

The air nozzles themselves are fabricated from material that is both flexible and hard-wearing. They are also simple to fit and adjust. In fact, the flexibility of the material allows the air nozzles to be hit or deflected by travelling product without risk of damage to either the product or the reciprocating nozzles. This last feature permits air to be delivered close to the product for further enhancement of drying/cleaning functions.