Personnel Cleaning Booth

The Cleaning Booth is a safe and effective means for removing, extracting and collecting residue from people. It is particularly effective for cleaning employee’s dirty work clothes without exposing them, co-workers, or their work environment to elevated dust levels.

The Cleaning Booth is a self-contained air shower incorporating the JetBlack personnel de-dusting system which delivers a high volume of air at low pressure, sufficient to remove dust and fibres effectively and safely, even when directed at exposed skin.

The main advantage of the Cleaning Booth is that workers, without removing clothing/PPE equipment, can simply enter, operate and clean themselves down very quickly. Typically, within approximately 20 seconds, most visible traces of any dust will be removed from clothing. The airflow produced by the JetBlack dislodges even hidden dust which is then captured and filtered within the extraction unit.

Any dust removed can be either collected in bags in dust receptacles or ducted into extraction systems.

cleaning booth


  • Simple and innovative down-flow air movement removes all dust efficiently
  • Standard system delivers high volume (152,4m/sec, 58CFM), low pressure (<200mbar), clean and filtered air which poses no threat to the operator
  • Modular construction – other options available on request
  • Easy to use, and low maintenance operation
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Interior powered lighting
  • Hinged entry/exit door, fitted with single makralon window as standard
  • Various options available for extraction/collection of removed dust

Hands-free Cleaning Booth

Are your employees having a hard time dedusting themselves? No problem! We have recently introduced a hands-free air shower. The employee steps into the cabin, presses the start button and is blown off without having to do anything himself. Handy, isn't it? It also often happens that employees have to move from a dusty room to a clean room. Our walk through cabin is the perfect solution. Thanks to the two doors, employees can get in the cabin on one side and get out on the other side.  You can consult our datasheet here for the hands-free walk through air shower or contact our sales staff.

cleaning booth
cleaning booth
cleaning booth
cleaning booth

Extraction options

  • A stand-alone extraction/filtration unit with the personnel cleaning station
  • Centrifugal fan (no filtration supplied with this option)