Acid-proof, low-noise axial extractor

A renowned Belgian industrialist was looking for an extractor of 80000m³/h as quiet as possible to be placed on the roof of his acid gas installation, while keeping the original location.

The choice went to an ADB ø1600mm fan with 7,5kW direct drive motor placed outside the airflow with a ø2200mm rain cap. The steel construction is duplex coated, hot-dip galvanised and then 2-component epoxy painted with a polyester finish. The outlet air passes through a ø2900mm deflector which directs the air upwards so that no acid gases are discharged to the customer's roof. The rain cap with an internal central cone and the deflector have been optimised by our R&D teams to reduce pressure drop and are made of polyester.


Diameter1600 mm
Power7,5 kW
Temperature40 °C
Special featureslow noise impeller, duplex coating hot-dip galvanized and painting epoxy/polyester, direct drive outside the airflow, rain cap with deflector



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Acid-proof, low-noise axial extractor, industrial fans, Almeco
Acid-proof, low-noise axial extractor, industrial fans, Almeco