FPZ side channel blowers

Almeco distributes FPZ blowers in the entire Benelux.

The range of FPZ lateral channel blowers are characterized by:

  • Increased reliability
  • More silent operation
  • Decrease in both size and weight


  • Capacity up to 1985m³/h
  • Relative pressure of 650mbar
  • Absolute vacuum of 500mbar
FPZ side channel blowers, Almeco

Standard configuration

The standard side channel blower design is direct-driven with a dynamically balanced impeller wheel mounted directly on the engine. Both the pump casing and the impeller wheel are made of aluminum alloy.

The engines are:

  • Two-pole (3000tpm at 50Hz)
  • Energy class IE2, gradually replaced by IE3, which will become the standard
  • 3-phased (or single phase, until 2.2kW)
  • "Wide Range": developed to cover a larger voltage range depending ont the frequency
  • Fitted with a PTO thermal protection 
  • Calculated for a continuous operation
  • Isolation class F
  • IP55
  • Built according to the IEC 60034-1 standards

(*) exceptions => please contact us

Some types of blowers are also available with a direct drive by flexible coupling. This makes it possible to mount any IEC standardized flanged motor.


  • Manifold 90°, in PVC, for the filter
  • Inlet filter (for pressure mode)
  • Cyclone filter
  • Dry air filter
  • Flexible joint
  • Sound damping casing
  • Additional noise silencers
  • Flow reversing valve
  • Pressure gauge
  • Counter flange
  • Anti-back-draught butterfly flange
  • Various connecting flanges
  • Safety valve
  • Anti-vibration mountings

Special configurations

FPZ lateral channel blowers compose an entire product range with hundreds of varieties such as direct-drive, belt drive and flexible joint drive.

Our range also includes blowers for gases with a special composition (e.g. biogas) or corrosive composition. Specific materials are used for this purpose, amongst which special surface treatments and different mechanical sealings.


  • Pneumatic transport
  • Machine manufacturers
  • Water purification
  • Galvanization pools
  • Airknife drying systems
  • Aeration
  • Ovens
  • Fish farms (aquaculture)
  • Weaving mills
  • Pneumatic conveyor tubes
  • ...