Stainless steel centrifugal fan with flexible coupling


Our client is active in the processing of potatoes in Belgium. They produce a wide range of pre-fried and frozen potato products. The customer was looking for a solution for hot air extraction. In addition, this air was loaded with fat residues.

For this application, we have developed a centrifugal fan of the CVX type. Due to the presence of food and the continuous contact with hot and fatty air, we opted for a stainless steel construction. Stainless steel constructions are more resistant to corrosion and multiple aggressive cleaning. The 75kW motor drives the fan via a flexible coupling. This makes maintenance of the installation easier. The fan itself has a diameter of 1.120 mm and is located under an acoustic box. The noise level is thus kept to a minimum.


Diameter1.120 mm
Special featureStainless steel construction


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Stainless steel centrifugal fan with flexible coupling, Almeco