ATEX fan houses and impellers

Fan houses

Fan houses are made of:

  • Steel, hot dip galvanised after fabrication
  • Steel, hot dip galvanised after fabrication with top coating (Duplex)
  • Stainless steel grade 304L or 316L, pickled and passivated

Inlet bells are spinned. Flanges are spinned (fig 4) or laser-cut and welded (fig 5)

The pedestals for the motors are always welded on the fan house. Only then corrosion protection is applied.

Fan houses, ATEX, Almeco
Fan houses, ATEX, Almeco


The impellers of Almeco are made with aerofoil blades. For categories 2 & 3 blades are made of cast aluminium or glassreinforced conductant polyamide. The blade angle can be changed at standstill, which permits an easier adjustment of flow and pressure.

Our impellers are balanced in accordance with quality class 6.3, ISO 1940. After assembling the complete fan, a vibration measurement is done at full speed (ISO 14694).

Impellers, ATEX, Almeco
Impellers, ATEX, Almeco