Impeller with polyester blades WENTECH


  • Standard diameters from 1250mm
  • Cast aluminum or epoxy coated steel center boss, with key-way
  • Drive plate made from hot dip galvanized steel
  • Blades fixation made from cast aluminum or hot dip galvanized steel
  • Glass fibers reinforced polyamide blades.
  • RAL7035 or 5015 as standard blade’s color
  • Bolts and nuts made from hot dip galvanized steel or Stainless steel A2 70
  • Workings temperature from -40° until +65°C
  • Reinforced leading edge
  • Adjustable pitch angle at standstill (except type H)
  • Airflow selectable, motor <> impeller
  • Balanced following the norm ISO 1940-1 quality G6.3 (in one piece until a Ø2150mm)


  • Profile 5
    Specifically designed for high capacities
    Diameter until 20m
    Peripheral velocity until 80m/s
  • Profile 7
    Specifically designed for the performances
    Diameter until 36ft
    Peripheral velocity until 75m/s
  • Profile 14
    Specifically designed for a low noise
    Diameter until 22ft
    Peripheral velocity until 53m/s


  • HT: designed for temperatures up to 120°C
  • KO: acid and alkali resistant
  • R: reinforced execution
  • SE: leading edge protection in stainless steel for speeds >62m/s (or on demand)
  • SS: stainless steel center boss and drive plate
  • SG: self-extinguishing execution


Mostly used for special applications more specifically for cooling towers, condensers, heat exchangers…


The impellers are also available in Atex execution, AS/SG: antistatic and self-extinguishing execution.

WENTECH impeller with polyester blades, Almeco
WENTECH impeller with polyester blades, Almeco
WENTECH impeller with polyester blades, Almeco