Centrifugal fans

Fans that are used in modern industrial processes often have to meet specific performance, reliability and safety requirements. Almeco manufactures both standard models and special configurations that meet these requirements, thanks to knowledge and experience gained in a wide variety of applications and industries.

Thanks to a wide range of accessories and possibilities with regards to custom-made configurations (larger diameters, ATEX, …), you are always guaranteed the most suitable centrifugal fan for your project.

Below you find an overview of our most common centrifugal fans. Contact us if you are looking for a different type.

CVX, centrifugal fans with backwards curved blades, Almeco
  • Centrifugal fans with backwards curved blades
  • Wide range of uses: low-, medium- and high-pressure air conditioning and ventilation applications as well as applications in the chemical, glass, ceramic, metallurgic, construction and other industries
High-pressure fans
  • Single inlet centrifugal fan
  • Casing made of thick welded reinforced steel plate
plastic fan
  • Single inlet plastic (PVC or PP) centrifugal fan
  • All components in contact with the medium are made of plastic
AMR 26, Almeco, Industrial fans
  • Single inlet aluminium centrifugal fan
  • Fancasing and impeller in cast aluminium


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