Control of a cooling tower installation ensures that savings can be made on energy consumption, while you always have the required cold water temperature thanks to frequency control.

Because a cooling tower is also be able to discharge sufficient heat in the summer in weather conditions with a higher wet bulb temperature, this cooling tower will be oversized for the best part of the year.

In periods when less heat has to be removed and/or in periods with a lower wet bulb temperature, the required cold water temperature can be reached at a lower fan speed.

Fitting a frequency controller on the fan motor has a number of advantages.

  • Energy saving – with a well-sized cooling tower this can run up to more than 50% on an annual basis.
  • Always disposing of cooling water of the same temperature.
  • Lower fan noise with a lower fan speed.
  • Less wear of the drive parts – no more moving from low to high speed and vice versa with 2-speed motors.
Control of cooling tower, Almeco
Control of cooling tower, Almeco