Cooling tower water treatment

Cooling towers play an important role within the production processes of many industries. A suitable water treatment and a regular maintenance are indispensable to ensure a continuous optimal cooling tower operation. This will extend your cooling towers’ and the connected installations’ life span, avoid excessive exploitation costs through e.g. unnecessary water losses and ensure your cooling tower’s cooling capacity. Both maintenance and water treatment play an important role in minimizing the risk of legionella.

Almeco offers an entire water treatment programme for your cooling towers:

  • Appliances
  • Products
  • Analysis and follow-up
Cooling tower water treatment, Almeco
Cooling tower water treatment, Almeco
Cooling tower water treatment, Almeco
Cooling tower water treatment, Almeco

In addition to this specifically cooling tower oriented programme, you can also contact Almeco for other water treatment solutions (reverse osmosis, ultra filtration and industrial water softeners).

Water treatment products

Water analyses determine the correct product and dosage. These analyses are carried out regularly in order to always use the right products in the right quantities.

The 'A' range consists of products preventing corrosion and sediments in the cooling water circuit.
The 'B' products control algae, yeast and bacteria (one of which is the legionella bacteria).
The basic products of both series are biologically degradable.

You can also contact us for:

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