Upgrading of cooling towers

If your cooling tower no longer suffices with regard to the legal standards or the current cooling demand of your production, it can be looked to see if upgrading your cooling tower is possible to suffice with regard to the standards and cooling performance of today and tomorrow. Almeco uses high-efficiency parts and modern techniques to do this.

Adapting existing cooling towers with (partly) obsolete technology to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

Older cooling towers which are not yet due for replacement but that no longer suffice with regard to the cooling demand of production can usually still be adapted to further operate for many years to come.

Upgrading of cooling towers, Almeco

Adaptation of the drive gear

  • Quieter fans
  • Energy-saving measures
    • Energy-saving fans and fan housings
    • Frequency-controlled motors
    • Permanent magnet motors (RPM-AC)
    • High efficient cooling packing, for clean water and dirty water application

Adaptations in line with the applicable Legionella’s disease laws

  • Water distribution system
  • Drift separators

Adaptations of the configuration of an existing cooling tower

  • Adaptation of water distribution for a larger or smaller water flow
  • Adaptation of the cooling possibilities by replacing the drive gear or replacing the cooling packing