If repairs to your cooling tower or cooling tower parts are required, Almeco is your ideal partner for carrying out these repairs.

Almeco has much experience in the repair or replacement of all your cooling tower parts, and for repairs to the structure of wooden, metal and concrete cooling towers.

For wooden, concrete and synthetic cooling towers:

  • Repairs and/or replacement of:
    • Construction parts of the cooling tower
    • Top cover of wooden cooling towers
    • Drive gear
      • Motor
      • Transmission shaft
      • Gearbox
      • Impeller
      • Fan housing in glass fibre reinforced synthetic
    • Drift separators
    • Water distribution – pipes or gutters and nozzles
      • Wood
      • Metal
      • Synthetics
    • Cooling packing
      • For dirty or clean water
    • Air intake louvers
    • All supporting constructions of the parts mentioned
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Adaptations in line with the applicable Legionella’s disease laws

Almeco is also in possession of the VCA** certificate.

Cooling tower repairs, Almeco
Cooling tower repairs, Almeco
Cooling tower repairs, Almeco


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