Closed cooling tower type AIR-C-TG

Almeco AIR-C-TG is a closed cooling tower with a tube bundle and an axial suction fan.

A closed cooling tower, or cooling tower with closed cooling circuit type Almeco AIR-C-TG, is mainly used when the water to be cooled, or mixture of water/glycol, must not come into contact with contaminations from the ambient air.

The water to be cooled flows through a closed tube bundle. By spraying evaporation water on the outside of the tube bundle and sucking dry air over the heat exchanger, evaporation cooling is achieved. This allows the water or the water/glycol mixture to cool below ambient temperature.

Closed cooling tower type AIR-C-TG, Almeco
Closed cooling tower type AIR-C-TG, Almeco


  • The AIR-C-TG cooling tower is made in accordance with the strictest legionella legislation.
  • Both the individual components and the cooling tower as a whole comply with the Best Available Technology (BAT).
  • Each fan is driven by a separate motor.
  • The entire self-supporting casing and water basin are made of fibreglass-reinforced polyester.
  • The highly efficient tube bundle (heat exchanger) is made of hot-dip galvanised steel.
  • All models of this type are supplied including circulation pump and recirculation circuit for the evaporation water.


  • Easy to install (in part pre-assembly in factory), fast assembly on site
  • Low operation cost
  • Long, rust-free service life
  • Energy efficient motor for fan and pump (IE3)
  • Easy access for safe control and maintenance
  • Highly efficient drift separator in accordance with the applicable legionella regulations
  • Cooling tower suitable for cooling water up to a maximum of 80°C


  • Full control with monitoring and management
  • Low noise fan and silencer
  • Tube bundle in stainless steel
  • Motor bracket fan and protective grille in stainless steel 304